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innovative Foliar solutions

Growers use post-emergence herbicides to control weeds. Herbicides interfere with certain vital functions of plants. In theory, these herbicides should affect the crop equally; however, crops have the ability to inactivate the herbicides more quickly than the weeds, thus creating a resistance to the herbicides.

The innovative foliar solutions proposed by Axter Agroscience help the crop metabolise the herbicides even more rapidly. This helps the crop reach better yields and better quality.


Axter Agroscience Will Distribute Inocucor’s Biological Crop Inputs in Canada

Axter Agroscience Will Distribute Inocucor's Biological Crop Inputs in Canada MONTREAL, May 3, 2017 —Inocucor Technologies Inc. of Montreal signed an agreement[...]

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High temperatures, high humidex, very little rain accumulation are all factors that contribute[...]

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Research results: corn production improved with Crop Booster ®

Many post-emergence herbicide treatments work effectively on corn; however, they also cause stress to the crops and the defense systems[...]

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