How plants cope with stress

Plants have built-in defence mechanisms to defend themselves against stress.

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Improving plant tolerance to abiotic stress

A plant experiencing an abiotic stress is a handicapped plant. This stress hinders its growth and development, and eventually affects crop yield and quality.

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Toward a regulatory framework

Biostimulants are not yet regulated by any registration process, however, a regulatory framework is currently being drafted in both North America and Europe.

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From the Biostimulants World Congress

There is a growing number of biostimulant products on the market, and more and more field tests are evaluating their performance. These are two of the findings…

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An extreme diversity, but one same goal

All biostimulants have one same purpose : to support vigorous plant development and growth. Therefore, one might think that they share a similar composition and act all the same way on the plant. Yet it is just the opposite…

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A fast-growing market

Accounted for nearly $3 billion en 2016, worldwide biostimulants sales are expected to reach $5 billion in 2023.

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Can plants suffer from a shortage of vitamins?

Put simply, the new class of farm inputs called biostimulants aims to support vigorous plant development and growth. To draw an analogy, biostimulants are like vitamins that we -humans- take in winter to strenghten our resistance.

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Neither fertilizers nor pesticides

There can be no mistaking biostimulants for fertilizers. Biostimulants as such provide very little if any nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. Moreover, amounts of product applied are considerably lower than most other inputs.

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A vaccine for plants

Many must have been puzzled the first time they heard the word «biostimulant». This term has emerged relatively recently. A century ago, the word «herbicide» probably provoked the same reaction.

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