Micronutrients are essential for plant survival, but are required in very small quantities. Micronutrients are applied to soils or are foliar applied. It is possible that under certain conditions, plants cannot uptake from the soil the quantities of micronutrients necessary to support growth; using a foliar applied nutritive solution from Axter Agroscience may solve the problem. The OLIGO line of nutritive solutions was created to supply micronutrients to crops in order to prevent deficiencies from appearing or to correct deficiencies that have already appeared.

Contenant_20 litres_Special K Ang


Special K is a potassium containing liquid fertiliser that can be used in tank mix with fungicides, used as a foliar fertiliser in order to prevent ...

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20 litres Oligo B


Boron is necessary for : The synthesis of cell wall components The development of flowers (pollen viability), seeds and fruits Fruit ...

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20 litres Oligo Ca


Calcium is essential for cell rigidity, for development and growth of meristems, while improving disease resistance. Essential for fruit or ...

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20 litres Calstik


CALSTIK is intended for growers who want to use Calcium Chloride with improved foliar uptake and higher crop safety. CALSTIK is formulated from a clean ...

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20 litres Oligo Cu


Copper is necessary for : Photosynthesis Chlorophyll formation Synthesis of lignin Is involved in several enzyme systems Essential for ...

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20 litres Oligo Fe


Iron’s main functions concern respiratory and chlorophyll synthesis Is mostly used to intensify and prolong the green color in the foliage of fir ...

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20 litres Oligo Mg


Magnesium is the central core of chlorophyll, and is essential for photosynthesis. During growth, the roots are not always able to provide all the ...

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20 litres Oligo Mn


Manganese fulfills important roles in plant metabolism, especially in the following processes: Activation of certain enzymes Nitrate ...

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20 litres Oligo Mo


In plants, molybdenum is part of two enzymes essential for nitrogen assimilation. Is essential for nitrogen fixation by legume rhizobia. A foliar ...

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20 litres Oligo Plus


Applied on a regular basis in horticultural crops, OLIGO PLUS is a specially formulated and balanced fertilizer that allows the plant to fully ...

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Sulfur is essential for the production of proteins. Sulfur quantities required are similar to those required for Phosphorus. Sulfur is mobile in the ...

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20 litres Oligo Zn


In plants, zinc is necessary for protein metabolism and seed production. Improves frost resistance Is essential for : Hormonal synthesis and ...

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20 litres Zinc-O-Sol


ZINC-O-SOL A crystal clear 10% zinc true liquid high-density formulation contains 135 grams of Zinc per liter. ZINC-O-SOL is a true ...

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