CropBooster® 2.0

15-3-6 + micronutrients (S, B, Mn, Mo, Zn)


Based on the already well known plant biostimulant  CropBooster ®,  Axter Agroscience has developed CropBooster® 2.0, a biostimulant with even better performance. CropBooster® 2.0by the addition of nutrients and organic acids, will help the plant overcome stress,  such as those caused by herbicide application, more quickly and more consistently.
  • It will work synergistically with herbicides to reduce stress caused by the application of these products;
  • It will restart growth in stalled crops due to cold wet soils, drought, etc.;
  • In tank-mix with OLIGO®-Mg, it will help regenerate crop foliage damaged by frost, hail or pesticide;
  • It will allow plants to increase production of proteins, enzymes and organic molecules necessary to reduce oxidative effects in stressed crops;
  • It will stimulate production of natural growth factors such as auxin or I.A.A. (indole acetic acid growth hormone);
  • Its balanced formulation of major and micronutrients, will allow the plant to utilise unused nutrient reserves;
  • E.D.T.A. (chelating agent).
  • Density: (1,2 kg/L)
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