Performance® 2.0

6-18-6 + micronutrients (S, B, Mn, Mo, Zn)


  • Foliar and transplant fertilizer specially formulated to stimulate the development of floral organs, tuberous organs (potatoes, radishes, rutabagas, beets) and roots;
  • Stimulates production of natural growth factors such as Auxin or I.A.A. (indole acetic acid growth hormone);
  • Triggers bloom or balling (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) when delayed;
  • Promotes uniform flowering while helping to repair roots damaged by freezing temperatures (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc.);
  • Gives more uniform tubers, when used during flowering of potatoes;
  • Promotes quick and fast repair of damaged and stressed roots resulting from cultivation or other damages to the roots;
  • E.D.T.A. (chelate agent)
  • Density: (1.35 kg/L)
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