Axter Agroscience has been active in the foliar fertiliser sector for more than 30 years. Originally known as OLIGOSOL Ltd, our company then concentrated its activities in the development and manufacturing of high performance foliar fertiliser solutions that were used in the fruit and vegetable markets.

In 1991, Axter Agroscience initiated the development of biostimulants that helped crops recuperate more quickly after the application of post-emergence herbicides or stressful conditions. The success of this research program led to the introduction of CROP BOOSTER® and of RR SOYBOOSTER®, two products that improve yield and quality of row crops in Canada.

The new owners of Axter Agroscience have renewed its important commitment towards R&D. The company will continue to test the efficiency of its well known biostimulants formulations when mixed with herbicides and agrochemicals presently used by Canadian farmers. Axter Agroscience will also collaborate with different independent research centers and universities with the objective of developing even better new technologies.

In 2014, Axter’s management team purchased the company with the financial support of Avrio Ventures Limited Partnership II, a Canadian Investment Fund specializing in Agriculture and Food. This transaction provides perfect continuity and presents a great opportunity to get closer to existing and new customers by extending our presence in the Canadian market.

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