Mr. Pierre Migner, P.Ag., CEO of Axter Agroscience inc, is pleased to announce two important appointments to key positions within the company, effective immediately.

Stéphane Doucet CPA, (on the right in the picture) who was Director of finances for the company since 2014, will now occupy the position of COO and CFO. Graduated from the Université de Sherbrooke in 1992 and a member of the Ordre des Comptables Agréés du Québec since 1994, Mr. Doucet has accumulated a vast experience in the management of private companies. Over the last twenty-five years, he has played a key role in the growth of companies in the housing, transportation and agricultural biostimulants sectors. He brings to Axter an expertise, a commitment and a structure that will allow the company to respond with speed and thoroughness to the requirements of growth.

Germain Pelletier P.Ag., graduate of McGill University’s Macdonald College and a member of the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec, will fill a newly created position of CMO at Axter Agroscience Inc. With over 40 years of experience and involvement in the crop-input sector, Mr. Pelletier has worked in Québec and Ontario, for both large (Pfizer, Nutrite/SynAgri, Coop Fédérée) and small companies (Semican, Agro-100, Axter Agroscience), occupying positions such as sales representative, sales director, director of purchasing, logistics and production as well as sales and marketing officer. His professional experience will allow him to further improve existing structures and reposition the company in light of the challenges of our modern, sustainable and technological agriculture.

According to Pierre Migner: “These appointments will allow the company to improve its efficiency and its capacity to meet the challenges of today’s agriculture. Through these appointments, Axter Agroscience wishes to put in place the resources that will allow it to reach its objectives for growth.”

Notice of appointment

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