Australia’s Aussan Laboratories turns to Axter Agroscience for Canadian distribution

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Australia’s Aussan Laboratories turns to Axter Agroscience for Canadian distribution

CropBioLifeTM and L20TM, two of Aussan’s flagship products to enhance Axter Agroscience’s wares in Canada


Mont-St. Hilaire (Quebec), April 29, 2019—Mr. Pierre Migner, agronomist and president of Axter Agroscience Inc, is happy to announce the signing of a pan-Canadian distribution agreement for CropBioLifeTM and L20TM, two of Australian multinational corporation Aussan Laboratories’ flagship products.

These flavonoid foliar products stand out for their ability to help plants manage abiotic stressors (drought, frost, salinity, etc.) and to optimize nutrient uptake and synthesis. Accordingly, new proven (see statements 1 & 2) high quality products arising out of the different axes of biostimulant development have been added to Axter Agroscience’s product line.

Over the past few years, Axter has gradually broadened its product line to address the growing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions such as natural nontoxic biostimulants. In addition to that of its own products, the quality of Axter’s distribution network makes it a partner of choice for global companies wishing to increase the use of their products on Canadian soil.

“The agreement we are announcing today speaks to Axter’s growing role in the agricultural sector and to the recognition afforded its product line and distribution network at home and abroad. Adding new biostimulants to our product line over the past few years has proven to be a sound decision considering the evolution of practices adopted in the fields,” says Pierre Migner, agronomist and president of Axter Agroscience Inc.

“Aussan Laboratories are proud to partner with Axter Agroscience. Axter’s professional people across Canada as well as a uniquely strong technical group and first-class product portfolio creates a valuable relationship for both of our companies. The benefits to our customers, the growers, are exceptional service and consistently improving crop quality, yields and margins. Aussan sincerely appreciates partners of this caliber” stated Robert F. Lee, eng. Aussan Laboratories

About Axter Agroscience Inc.

Founded in 1982, privately owned Axter Agroscience initiated an important and complementary shift in its core products in 2012, placing biostimulants at the heart of its R&D efforts. The tireless work of its R&D team and the encouraging results obtained in the field spurred the development of a new generation of biostimulants in 2016 and are behind a number of more recent innovations the company will be unveiling in the near future. For more information about Axter Agroscience and its products, go to

About Aussan Laboratories International:

The global move towards “organic” and “chemical free” positions, AUSSAN Labs products are in an excellent business position. With over 10 years of R&D, initial market success and achievement of the required approvals and certifications. CROPBIOLIFE™ and AUSSAN L44™ are two AUSSAN Labs revolutionary products designed to provide a natural, non-toxic alternative to synthetic chemicals used in agriculture, food crops, food sanitation and preservation. CropBioLife™ is approved for organic use in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and now Canada.

Statement 1:
Eighteen trials conducted in Ontario showed an average yield increase of 198.34 kg/ha when CropBioLife was added to the producer’s usual fungicide.

Statement 2:
At $250/MT for wheat, this represents a revenue increase of $49.58/ha for the CropBioLife

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