Mont St-Hilaire, April 15th 2015

Mr. Pierre Mignier, President and CEO of Axter Agroscience has confirmed the nomination of four prominent researchers as members of Axter Agroscience’s Scientific Advisory Committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee works together with the management team at Axter Agroscience in order to develop innovative technologies to firmly position the company in the biostimulants market. The Scientific Advisory Committee also informs the Board of Directors on the progress made by the company in this field.

”The establishment of the Scientific Advisory Committee confirms the importance the new management team attaches to the development and validation of proven technologies that will bring value to agricultural producers across Canada” explains Pierre Migner, Axter’s President & CEO.

The new members on the Committee are: Donald L. Smith PhD, of McGill University,  Peter Sikkema PhD, of Guelph University, David Hooker PhD, of Guelph University, and Bryan McKersie PhD, (retired).

Pierre Migner adds: ”We are enthusiastic at the idea of being able to count on the contribution of four researchers, each renowned in his field, to the Scientific Advisory Committe. For more than fifteen years now, Axter Agroscience has been working with Canadian universities. This collaboration has enabled us to develop biostimulants like CROP BOOSTER® and RR SoyBooster®. We must continue to innovate in order to offer products that will improve our customers’ productivity. To that end, in 2012, we launched a research program aimed at developing a new generation of biostimulants; these experts will help us accelerate the fine tuning of these new technologies”.

Donald Smith PhD is a world renowned expert in the field of plant-microbe interactions. His expertise will be crucial in the development of the next generation of biostimulants. This will take place according to five axis of research in this relatively new field of improved plant production. Donald Smith is a James McGill Professor working in the Plant Sciences Department of McGill University. He is also the General Manager and Scientific Director of BioFuelNet Canada ( During his 30-year tenure at McGill, his research has led to more than 300 publications, nine patents pending, as well as a spin-off company, Bios Agriculture Inc.

Peter Sikkema PhD teaches weed management at the University of Guelph. He is responsible for weed research programs in horticultural and field crops. His knowledge and experience on the effects of agrochemicals products on plant metabolism will play a key role in developing new products. He has published more than 200 scientific papers. He is a ”Fellow” of the Canadian Weed Science Society as well as the Weed Science Society of America.

David Hooker PhD teaches Agronomy at Guelph University where he is in charge of the agronomic research programs. His work has been centered on production systems (wheat, soybean and corn) to improve productivity and profitability. His expertise in evaluating the interactions between different production environments, different production methods used by producers, as well as innovative technologies will be of foremost importance in developing products that will easily be adopted by the producers. The trust he enjoys from producers associations as well as from the private sector makes him a valuable stakeholder.

Bryan McKersie PhD  is a world famous specialist in the field of abiotic stress tolerance in crops. This specialist in plant physiology and biotechnologies will contribute his thorough knowledge to a better understanding of the functioning and stability of the technologies being developed. Bryan McKersie  has thought for 22 years at Guelph University. Later, he joined BASF Plant Science LLC in order to launch their research program on plant tolerance to abiotic stress. Before his recent retirement, he was Research Director  of a joint project by BASF/Monsanto.

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