Agricultural uses of plant biostimulants by Joseph W. Kloepper

Plant Soil (2014) 383:3–41 DOI 10.1007/s11104-014-2131-8 Agricultural uses of plant biostimulants by Pamela Calvo & Louise Nelson & Joseph W. Kloepper This article[...]

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A particular biostimulant for a particular plant

In corn as well as in wheat, we recommend the same biostimulant: CropBooster® 2.0. For soybeans, we developed a[...]

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How CropBooster® 2.0 influences corn metabolism

To evaluate the biostimulant CropBooster® 2.0 in corn, Axter Agroscience has called on renowned independant research institutions such as[...]

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Results of field trials on CropBooster® In wheat

Trial results on CropBooster® 2.0 in wheat are piling up. Axter has accumulated three years of data from field trials[...]

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An effective way to control bitter pit on apples

An orchard’s profitability relies strongly on the quality of its apples. One of the key measures of quality is fruit[...]

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CropBooster 2.0® Profitable ALSO on silage corn

The positive impact of CropBooster 2.0 on grain corn yield has been confirmed in numerous R&D trials. This has also been[...]

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