From the Biostimulants World Congress

There is a growing number of biostimulant products on the market, and more and more field tests are evaluating their performance. These are two of the findings Mr Pierre Migner, president of Axter Agroscience, brings back from the Biostimulants World Congress that took place in Miami from 27 to 30 November 2017. Attended by over a thousand people, this was the third edition of this technical and scientifical event.

«In the first edition nine years ago, scientists presented numerous research results demonstrating the usefulness of this new class of products, describes Mr Migner. At that time, there were still very few biostimulants on the market, particularly in North America.»
«In the second world congress, he continues, scientists shed light on the biological and physiological mode of action of biostimulants. And in the last november edition, emphasis was put on agronomical results achieved in field trails all over the world. Attendants could feel the biostimulants sector continues to mature.»

What is Axter Agroscience learning from this event? «International research confirms the active substances we use in our products really work, answers Mr Migner. In other words, it corroborates our own research results. The Congress also prove Axter is a world leader in biostimulants mixed with herbicides in order to decrease the stress they cause to the plant.»

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