How to test biostimulants

More and more biostimulants are available on the market. Some manufacturers prove their products efficacy with results originating from renowned independant research centers while others do not.
This is why Terry Stone, vice President, Regulatory Affairs for biostimulants supplier Agrinos, recommends growers set up their own field scale trials to accurately monitor the benefits of biostimulants on their farm.

«Efficacy for biostimulants comes in different forms » says Mr Stone. «The major types are increases in yield and quality of the treated crops. In addition, measuring root mass, soil consistency/tilth, crop color and plant growth in harsher environments can be used to determine whether the product is working properly or not.»

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has issued a practical guide to on-farm testing. This guide focuses on testing of biological farm inputs including biostimulants. Assuming farmers will be using normal agricultural machinery rather than specialized research equipment, the authors describe experimental designs combining reliability and simplicity. They also provide simple statistical tools to analyse trial results.

This guide is available HERE.

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