Maximize the efficacy of a manganese foliar application


Mont-Saint-Hilaire, June 16, 2021 -

 Soybeans are susceptible to manganese deficiency. Particularly in dry conditions. 
A foliar application of manganese can correct the problem. 
But not all applications are equal.
A scientific replicated trial conducted by Axter Agroscience confirms this fact. 
As required by the protocol, soybeans plants were established in a greenhouse. 
Three foliar treatments were compared. One, the check, only received a foliar application of water. 
The second treatment had a standard manganese foliar solution. 
The third treatment received a foliar application of MnBooster 2.0. 
In addition to manganese, this Axter product contains C-Plex and a specific fulvic acid. 
It was developed to improve the absorption and the translocation of manganese in the plant.

In the check, the average concentration of manganese in leaf tissue samples reached 330 ppm. 
In the group with the standard foliar solution, the manganese level rose to 495 ppm. 
And in the group treated with MnBooster 2.0, it skyrocketed to 957 ppm, 
which is double the concentration of the previous group and close to three times that of the control group. 
These differences are statistically significant.

Better think twice before using manganese sulphate to correct a deficiency. 
This trial proves that using MnBooster 2.0 will ensure the crop will have access to the manganese it needs.
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