NITRO♦C IS a new carbon based biostimulant 
with the Active Carbon Technology inside.

NITRO♦C is an exclusive mixture of very 
small organic molecules that are rich in oxygen and carbon. 
They act as a very efficient transportation vehicle 
to move nutrients through soil, leaves and throughout the plant.
NITRO♦C is based on a unique and proprietary source
 of “Leonardite” which is a soft humic material.
This mineral which is rich in carbon was never compressed
 or heated to become coal. 
This unique source of Leonardite was never covered 
by an ocean or salt water; 
therefore, it contains none or traces of any heavy metals

It may be applued directly on granular fertilizer or
 mixed into liquid pop-up or strarter fertilizers.
This will greatly improve availability, absortption
 and concnetration of nutrients in the plant
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