Oligo® B 2.0

10% Boron



10% B with Fulvic acid and C-Plex

Oligo® B 2.0 is formulated to improve the uptake and translocation of boron in the plant. Boron is necessary for: • The synthesis of cell wall components; • The development of flowers (pollen viability), pollen tubes, seeds and fruits; • Fruit formation; • The synthesis of sugars and proteins; • Water metabolism; • Nitrogen metabolism. Boron has often a positive impact on yield and quality. Because it contains the 2.0 Technology, it upregulates the production of 71 defensive proteins, enzymes and organic molecules necessary to diminish oxidative effects in stressed crops. Fulvic Acid helps in nutrient transport from root system to growing point. OLIGO® B is complexed with C-PLEX, a novel carbon molecule that will help with nutrient mobility. It is a natural product that does not burn leaf tissues. Formats: 10L, 200L, 1000L
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