Oligo® Fe 2.0

5% Iron


2-0-0 + 5% S

4% Fe with Fulvic Acid and C-Plex

Iron is a component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation. Its main functions are related to the respiratory function, chlorophyll synthesis, and the activation of defensive enzymes. Oligo® Fe 2.0 is complexed with C-PLEX, a novel carbon molecule that will link to the nutrient and prevent its fi xation to plant tissues. It is a natural product that does not burn leaf tissues. The 2.0 Technology upregulates the production of 71 defensive proteins, enzymes and organic molecules necessary to diminish oxidative effects in stressed crops. Fulvic acid helps in nutrient transport from root system to growing point. Formats: 10L, 200L
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