Oligo® Plus 2.0

(Vegetable mix)


2-0-0 + 4% S

1% Mg, 0.25% Cu, 1% Fe, 1.25% Mn, 0.01% Mo, 1% Zn with Fulvic Acid and C-Plex

Oligo® Plus 2.0 is designed to be used as a preventative foliar applied micronutrient fertiliser solution. Applied on a regular basis in horticultural crops, Oligo® Plus 2.0 is a specially formulated and balanced fertilizer that allows the plant to fully maximize its full genetic potential and get optimal performance and maximum quality. The nutrients in Oligo® Plus are complexed with C-PLEX, our carbon-based sequestering agent. This complexing agent does not burn leaf tissues and will help in the absorption and transport of nutrients in the plants. The 2.0 Technology upregulates the production of 71 defensive proteins, enzymes and organic molecules necessary to diminish oxidative effects in stressed crops. Fulvic acid helps in nutrient transport from root system to growing point. Formats: 10L, 200L, 1000L
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