Perfuze – micronutrients for granular fertilzers


Perfuze enables growers to get better micronutrients distribution
in their fields
Using Perfuze is a cost-effective and efficient way of applying 
micronutrients to the soil. 
With each granule coated with one or more micronutrient, 
the distribution of the element or elements is spread much more 
evenly across the field increasing the availability to the plants.

Perfuze products:
• Highly concentrated liquid suspension
• A proprietary formulation of organically derived compounds 
with a low inclusion rate for improved drying and handling
• Formulated with the patented Micronutrient Delivery System 
(MDS Technology™);
• Easy to use;
• Dries very fast;
• Application rates will vary based on nutrient requirement 
and fertilizer blend application
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