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Axter Agroscience renews pan-Canadian research agreements on abiotic stress in plants

Mont-St-Hilaire (Québec), November 22nd 2018 —Mr. Pierre Migner, agronomist, president of Axter Agroscience inc, is pleased to announce that the company has just renewed three research agreements with Guelph University, in Guelph, Ontario, Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec and the CEROM (Centre de recherche sur les grains) of Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Quebec. The research examines the impact of abiotic stress linked to the application of herbicides to row crops such as corn, wheat and soya.

Researchers have chosen to concentrate on a critical phase of plant development, herbicide application, in order to obtain relevant results on the efficiency of CropBooster 2.0 and SoyBooster 2.0, Axter Agroscience’s flagship biostimulants that protect the plant from abiotic stress.

Research has shown that the use of products derived from Axter Agroscience’s Technology 2.0 increases the yield by 8.9 bushels/acre for corn, 3.5 bushels for soya and 3.2 bushels for wheat, significant results.

“It is a privilege to be able to work for so many years with such credible research partners as Guelph and Laval University and the CEROM,” mentioned Pierre Migner. “At this stage of our development, it is important for Axter that independent researchers cumulate and validate information from the field in order to confirm the efficiency of our Technology 2.0 in terms of quality and compatibility to herbicides commonly used in agriculture.”


Source: Axter Agroscience inc – Media Relations

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