Results of Biostimulant Research Trials Between 2015 and 2018 Exceed Expectations

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Results of Biostimulant Research Trials Exceed Expectations

Mont St-Hilaire, June 11, 2019—The research and development team and management of Axter Agroscience Inc., a company that specializes in field crop foliar nutritive solutions and biostimulants, are pleased to unveil the results of 181 scientific trials conducted between 2015 and 2018 by research partners in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
These trials, conducted by universities and independent research centres, quantified the effectiveness of 2.0 technology when mixed with herbicides added to corn, soy, wheat and canola crops.

Plots treated with CropBooster 2.0® or RR SoyBooster 2.0® added to herbicides in the tank showed a median yield increase of 510 kg/ha for corn, 159 kg/ha for soy and 294 kg/ha for wheat and 112 kg/ha for canola.

These increases in crop yields would allow producers to get returns on investment of 5.9:1 for corn, 3.2:1 for soy, 4:1 for wheat and 3.8:1 for canola. The trials also measured the stability of the technology; thus, the percentage of trials that would have permitted producers to at least cover the cost of the addition of biostimulants reached 88% for corn, 65% for soy, and 100% for wheat and canola.



Corn 84 510 kg/ha 5.9 : 1 $104.04
Soybeans 30 159 kg/ha 3.2 : 1 $60.10
Wheat 10 294 kg/ha 4.0 : 1 $70.64
Canola 9 112 kg/ha 3.8 : 1 $67.20

*Gain in dollars based on the value per metric tonne of the commodity (corn: $204/mt, soy $378/mt, wheat $240/mt, and canola $600/mt)

“The results we are unveiling today confirm the rigour and vision of the Axter Agroscience R&D team as the challenges faced by the agricultural sector become increasingly complex. CropBooster 2.0® and RR SoyBooster 2.0® produced important quantifiable yield increases, but also allowed farmers to significantly increase their net revenues”, says Mr. Pierre Migner AGR, president and CEO of Axter Agroscience inc.


About Axter Agroscience Inc.
Founded in 1982, privately owned Axter Agroscience initiated an important and complementary shift in its core products in 2012, placing Biostimulants at the heart of its R&D efforts. The tireless work of its R&D team and the encouraging results obtained in the field spurred the development of a new generation of Biostimulants in 2016 and are behind a number of more recent innovations the company will be unveiling in the near future. For more information about Axter Agroscience and its products, go to


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