Summary of 14 years of biostimulants use

J&D Produce, Inc. has been using biostimulants for 14 years. Based in Texas, this entreprise grows and processes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables ranging from onions to asparagus, to mangos and melons.

«Through several trials, we have identified a wide range of responses to build protocols that help under different circumstances in the field»«, reports Dr. Carlos A. Lazcano on the web site Growing Produce. Dr. Lazcano is the Director R&D at J&D Produce, Inc.

«Every grower will have a specific time when his crop is going through stress, he says. It is important to develop protocols for when the biostimulants should be applied to ensure plants are well prepared to deal with these conditions when they arise (…) If you have a plan in place, you can expect some real benefits from using biostimulants.»

Improved fertilizer efficiency is one of these benefits. «We have seen improvement in nutrient uptake on every crop evaluated, and it could reduce the amount of fertilizer required for the crop by the time it reaches harvest», reports Dr. Lazcano.

«We also see improved nutrient uptake, particularly phosphorus and calcium, he continues. Biostimulants can provide an important benefit with these two nutrients, improving the uptake of phosphorus for early root development and establishment, and better cell structure, shelf life, and overall product quality with increased calcium uptake.» Also among the benefits is an increased tolerance for disease and insect pressure.

Dr. Lazcano’s complete account is available HERE.

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